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Up Close and In Person: the Hello Green Tomorrow Impact Video

posted under Atlantic Rainforest, Indonesia, Mobilization, Replant, TNC, WWF

With two years completed and a third year underway, the Avon Hello Green Tomorrow team visited sites in Indonesia and Brazil and as well as our LEED Gold certified US Headquarters in New York City to hear directly from some of the participants, supporters and organizers who are focused on helping end deforestation. Regarding the Indonesia locations, Carter Roberts, World Wildlife Fund President and CEO, has stated that “the rate of destruction in Borneo and Sumatra defies the imagination. Devising a solution equal to the weight of humanity’s pressure on this rich place will take persistence, creativity and collaboration.”  Similarly, Mark Tercek, President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy, has noted that “with support from Avon, The Nature Conservancy has made significant progress in restoring Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, one of the most endangered and biologically diverse forests in the world.”

See and hear for yourself a quick snapshot of the work underway and the global commitment to help save these extraordinary ecosystems.



Posted by The Avon Hello Green Tomorrow Team April 30, 2012 | Atlantic Rainforest, Indonesia, Mobilization, Replant, TNC, WWF

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